Sharp Tv Power Supply Board

Looking for genuine SHARP Tv Power supply replacement parts? We are an authorized Sharp Dealer and supply and distribute Australia Wide – Sharp Tv Power Supply Board LED LCD: Check our listed authenticity on the Sharp Website Under Sharp Parts Dealers. If you can’t find a part on our website or Facebook Shop, please fill the inquiry form or call us on and we will find the part for you.

Are you looking for Sharp Tv Power Supply Board? QC Electronics is an authorized Sharp Microwave and Tv Parts supplier shipping Australia-wide. Whether you live in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, or Perth, we are always near you and directly ship to you.

Power Supply board for LCD and LED Tv are a very vital functional component. There are many reasons why your power supply board might degraade overtime. Luckily with us, you don’t need to but a new Tv and can get the repairs work done in very less time.

Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. Whether you are a commercial microwave owner or a consumer, QC Electronics helps you find the right part for your unit.

We only supply genuine parts for your Sharp Tv and cover a wide delivery region. We stock a wide range of Sharp Tv spare parts.

If you cannot find the part number that you need in our online store,

please give us a call on 0425 322 342 or fill out our contact form, we will be happy to assist you.

Need Geniune Sharp Tv Power Board Delivered?

We are leading distributors and an authorized Sharp dealer of genuine Sharp spare parts and accessories. Buy any genuine Sharp  spare parts from our store and get them delivered to your doorstep. We deliver to commercial as well as residential clients.
Sharp LED LCD Power Board LC70LE960X
Sharp LED LCD Power Board LC70LE951X
Sharp LED LCD Main PWB LC70LE735X
Sharp LED LCD Power Board LC70LE360X

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Sharp Tv Board FAQs

The typical cost of replacing the Sharp Tv power supply board, including parts and labour, is $250. A TV power supply board might cost anything from $100 to $235 in parts.

The power board transforms the ac line voltage of 110 volts AC to lower voltages required for television operation. The standby 5 volts required by the microprocessor to keep awake so that when it receives an instruction such as power on to switch on the power supply board can work is very critical.

When a Sharp Tv power supply board is damaged it creates problems like flickering Tv screen or not turning up at all.

Replacing a capacitor on a motherboard is a fairly precise procedure that necessitates a steady hand. Each capacitor is soldered to a motherboard with extreme precision. If you change one, you must utilise the same precision, or your machine may be permanently damaged. Replacing capacitor ends up being more costly because of the detailed labor involved.

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