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Looking for genuine SHARP microwave replacement parts? We are an authorized Sharp Dealer and supply and distribute Australia Wide – Sharp Microwave:

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Check our listed authenticity on the Sharp Website Under Sharp Parts Dealers.

If you can’t find a part on our website or Facebook Shop, please fill the inquiry form or call us on and we will find the part for you.

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Sharp tv power board repalcement and remote

Are you looking for Sharp Commercial Microwave parts? Then you are in right place. We have all the major Microwave parts such as magnetrons, switches, and power circuit board. If you are looking for a magnetron, we have it. If it’s a switch, we got it. And if you need any Microwave power supply, we have that too. 

QC Electronics is a trusted and reliable supplier with a large selection of Sharp Microwave parts available online. Our team is dedicated to providing the best customer service possible. Whether you are a commercial microwave owner or a consumer, QC Electronics helps you find the right part for your unit.

We only supply genuine parts for your Sharp Microwave and deliver Australia Wide. We stock a wide range of sharp Microwave spare parts.

If you cannot find the part number that you need in our online store,

please give us a call on 0425 322 342 or fill out our contact form, we will be happy to assist you.

Looking for genuine Sharp Microwave replacement spare parts for a
SHARP Microwave?

We are leading distributors and an authorized Sharp dealer of genuine Sharp Microwave spare parts and accessories. Buy any genuine Sharp Microwave spare parts from our store and get them delivered to your doorstep. We deliver to commercial as well as residential clients.

Frequently Ask questions

There are a lot of websites that deal with the supply of Sharp Microwave parts in Australia. QC Electronics Pty Ltd is one of the authorised dealers of Sharp Microwave parts in Australia, here you can find all the required parts and even if not give them a call and they will arrange it for you.

No , it is extremely high risk to repair your sharp Microwave since the Microwave inherently stores High Voltage even though the Microwave is unplugged from the power source.
If your Microwave keeps making strange noises or making unusually loud humming sounds, there’s a good chance that it’s running on empty, soon. Sparks or smoke is certain sign that it should stop working soon.

Most Microwave ovens last about seven years, and even less if you use it a lot or don’t take care for it. If you have a lot of guests you will probably need to bring an extra Microwave to serve snacks and leftovers. 22 Oct 2019

Repairing Microwaves is worthwhile since you can save lots of money than buying new ones after few years.
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